What is Influencer Video Affiliate Marketing? 

Influencer Video Affiliate Marketing is the on-boarding and management of influencers (can also include your employees across your retail stores) on the VCC whereby each influencer/employee receives a portal to upload, match products and syndicate shoppable content to their social audiences. The solution would leverage an affiliate marketing feed from your affiliate network. The feed is automatically pushed to each influencer’s VCC account (managed by your master account) with the applicable reporting to pay out each influencer for conversions generated by the traffic they send to the product pages.  

How do Influencers share the shoppable video to social?  

Influencers simply leverage the native capabilities on the VCC to publish both link shares to their respective video commerce landing pages on your Video Commerce Hub and native social posting. Both options are explained below in this context.

Social Link Sharing

Provided you have deployed a Video Commerce Hub, your influencers and employees can easily share each video by sending their audiences to the canonical landing page on your Hub from social by directly posting from the VCC to social platforms. You are able to designate the related Hub to which their videos appear and moderate each and every video directly from the master account.   Their social followers click on the thumbnail on the social platform that directs traffic to watch the video on the canonical video landing page. Each and every link back to your video commerce landing pages adds more SEO value to such pages.

Native Social Posting

Where permitted by the social platform, influencers can easily post a video from the VCC to be played within the social platform. The post will automatically contain links to the product detail pages that are matched to the video on the VCC.  

What is the benefit of Influencer Video Affiliate Marketing? 

A branded Influencer Video Affiliate Marketing program provides a comprehensive solution to influencer video marketing for retailers and brands. Using the VCC, brands are able to organize and manage influencers (many brands leverage their employees across their retail locations) and empower them to automatically merchandise their videos with related product offerings, track performance, and gain Video SEO value with a Video Commerce landing page for each merchandised video. The entire solution is made possible with the VCC, end-to-end.

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