Basic Setup

The following links provide details on initial integrations for new accounts.

Setting up a Product Feed
Setting up Conversion Tracking
Analytics Third Party Integrations

Using the Video Commerce Cloud

Once you have an account, here are a few resources that'll help you quickly get started with the Video Commerce Cloud (VCC).

Setting Up Video Feeds

Video feeds enable the ingest of video content from multiple sources. There are several types of video feeds, that exist for different purposes. For example, you can pull content from the web with a Youtube Video Feed, and invite a brand to create and share a video feed with you, all from the VCC.

Video Feeds
Sending/Receiving Video Feeds with Others

Video Management

Managing Video Content

Product Management

Managing Product Content

Custom Attributes

The video commerce cloud supports additional custom data attributes for Videos, Product and Channels.
Using Custom Attributes

Experience Management

Create, manage and deploy customizable video commerce experiences.

Managing Video Channels
Video Commerce Widgets
Video Commerce Hubs

Developing Video Commerce Experiences

Building and customizing video commerce experiences with the TVPage Video Commerce Cloud is easy. The following links assist you in setting up your local development environment, understanding the development workflow and how to build & customize video widgets and hubs.

Getting Started

Customizing Video Commerce Widgets
Customizing Video Commerce Hubs

Video Recommendation Engine
Product Recommendation Engine

API Documentation

The TVPage API gives you access to full CRUD operations for the Video Commerce Cloud, which can be used to integration TVPage functionality or reporting into an existing CMS or dashboard or programmatically create your own video commerce experiences at scale.

API Documentation

Mobile App Integrations

The TVPage Mobile App SDK and API provides all the tools, data and pre-built functionality to deploy rich, interactive video commerce experience to any connected device including:

Reference application code can be provided upon request.

Other Device & Platform Integrations

The TVPage platform's open architecture can be supported across multiple different platforms, devices and frameworks including:

  • Set-top Boxes
  • Digital Signage
  • Gaming Platforms
  • Smart TV Frameworks
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