Create Video Commerce experiences in the Experiences section by creating Projects to organize your:

  • Hubs - Contains all of your merchandised videos organized into channels aimed at customer lifestyles and interests
  • Widgets - Create widgets for different video marketing channels (e.g., product detail pages, category pages, homepage, social media campaigns, etc.)

The steps below will show you how to create a Project, a Hub, and a Widget.

Create a Project

1. Go to EXPERIENCES and click ADD Project

2. Enter a name for your project

3. Explain the purpose of your project in the description

4. Enter a domain name

5. Enter a sub-folder if you need to

6. Use the toggle button to enable single video player embeds

7. Configure Your Domain. On your DNS provider, update your record and create a CNAME for to point to

To check if you correctly setup your domain click on Check button.


  1. If you are going to dedicate your project for a Hub, Click HUB

2. Toggle Enable Hub and choose a template.

If you want to preview your hub, choose between desktop, tablet, or phone view


Interact with the template as you please


1. Got to WIDGETS and click ADD WIDGET (you should have a channel with videos)

2. Give your widget a name and choose a widget template from the drop down

Widget Template Descriptions

Side Bar - Sidebar is a great compliment to a traditional 2-column or 3-column layout. The user is presented with a series of thumbnails. The video plays in a modal after a thumbnail is clicked.

Solo - Solo is a simple player that works seamlessly across devices. The video plays inline.
Solo Click - Solo Click allows custom Calls To Action (CTA) to continue to the next video. 

Preview the widget on different devices

3. Save when finished

Configure Widget

1. As you create widgets, they will be listed in a table. To configure a widget, click the drop down arrow and hit Configure

2. Select a channel from the drop down. Use the search bar if you have a long list of channels

3. Use the toggle buttons to enable:

  • Auto-Play - When a Channel is opened, play the first video automatically.
  • Auto-Next - When a video ends, play the next video automatically

4. Save when finished

Preview Widget


2. Click the drop down options and select Preview. 

3.The preview opens in a new window.

Embed Code


2. Click the drop down options and select Embed Code. 

3. The Embed Code window opens. Click COPY CODE and paste the embed.

Deploy and Refresh

Don't forget to save and publish your changes to your projects by going to EXPERIENCES and clicking:

Refresh Data - Saves your Hubs or Widgets but does not publish your changes

Deploy - Publishes your changes to your Hubs or Widgets

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