Recruiting ambassadors for your program is the most important and impactful thing that you can do as an administrator of a TVP ambassador program.

By following the below steps, you can ensure that you keep your ambassador program growing and expand your marketing reach as a result:

  1. Target your customers through email and SMS. Your loyal customers are your single best source of ambassadors as they are passionate about your products, and already have products in hand to facilitate content creation. Offering them an incentive to post content about your products on your site only further solidifies their loyalty to your brand and their passion for your products.
  2. Recruit affiliates and influencers you already work with, inviting them to your ambassador program. Affiliates and influencers are already creating content for you on social media, and are familiar with how to generate sales from video content. Offering the ability to publish to their own storefront on your site will only increase their performance, creating a win-win.
  3. Announce your new program on all social media networks. Create organic posts announcing your program. Share program stats, great content from the program, and ambassador success stories with your social audiences. This will create excitement around your program and drive new applications.
  4. Advertise your program on social media networks and in digital publications to target people who are passionate about your product. Paid advertisements get eyeballs on your content and can create awareness for your program outside of your already established sphere of influence, thus further growing your network and your potential customer base. You can track the success of your advertisements by setting up tracking in your program settings.
  5. List your Ambassador program on the TVPage network. This will surface your program to thousands of micro-influencers whose passions align with your brand and products. New ambassadors will review the terms of your program and apply when interested.

All above efforts should direct traffic to your Ambassador Program marketing page like this one here.

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