All of the content published to your Storefront:

must contain:

  • A title that accurately reflects product(s) featured in content;

  • Description of content and product(s) featured in content;

  • Category of product(s) featured in content.

must not contain:

  • Profanity or nudity;

  • Links or references to other retailers;

  • Copy-written Music;

  • Likeness of or reference to any celebrity;

  • Products not sold by your retailer:

  • Images or references that promote or incite hate, violence or discrimination in any way;

  • Negative or derogatory references to your retailer; or

  • Political references or images of any kind;

Please note that the FTC requires you to indicate you may be compensated for resulting sales on your posts and shares to social media.

When sharing a video or photo link to your shoppable content on your Storefront, rest assured that your Storefront will already contain a clear indicator that your post is is "sponsored", as illustrated in the lower right corner of the image below.

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