Video - 

The most powerful tool in the Ambassador's arsenal is the ability to publish engaging video. As such, the strongest indicator of a successful Ambassador program is strong Video KPIs. When measuring video performance and health, we look at the following metrics:

  • Published Videos
  • Rev. Per Published Video
  • Video Views
  • Video Views Per Visitor
  • Revenue Per Video View
  • Revenue Per Video Visitor
  • Catalog Video Coverage

Photo - 

Publishing photos is a great and easy way for Ambassadors to maintain engagement with their followers in between posting videos. Many Ambassadors will utilize photos as a way to tease or build excitement for upcoming video content, ensuring strong viewership. The metrics that we look at around Photos are as follows:

  • Published Photos
  • Rev. Per Published Photo
  • Photo Views
  • Photo Views Per Visitor
  • Revenue Per Photo View
  • Revenue Per Photo Visitor

Ambassador - 

In addition to measuring the success of your Ambassador content, it is also critical to keep an eye on Ambassador-centric metrics when gauging the health of your program. The following metrics are how we track Ambassador and Ambassador program performance:

  • Approved Ambassadors
  • Revenue Per Active Ambassador

Traffic Sources - 

Finally, it is important to measure and monitor your Ambassador program traffic sources to ensure continued growth in new sales from both Social Media and SEO driven traffic:

  • Social Visitors
  • Organic Google Visitors
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