Who are my Ambassadors - 

Onboard one or more of the following three types of ambassadors:

  1. Internal Salespeople - If you have stores, bring your sales associates into your online store. Sales associates have built-in product knowledge and are comfortable speaking about your products to customers.
  2. Customers - Your repeat customers are another great source. Loyal customers are passionate about your products and in many cases are already operating as micro-influencers.
  3. External Influencers - You may already have relationships with micro and macro influencers as part of an affiliate or influencer program. In many cases, these individuals are talented content creators and savvy about curating content that will engage their social media audiences. Additionally, you can list your program on the TVPage network, to take advantage of applications to your program from from additional external influencers through TVPage.

Recruiting Ambassadors -

  1. Send an email blast to your best customers. They are your biggest advocates.
  2. Send an email blast to your existing affiliates and influencers you already work with, inviting them to this new program.
  3. Announce your new program on all social media networks. Create organic posts announcing your program.
  4. Run ads on social platforms to target people who are passionate about your product.
  5. List your program on the TVPage network.

All above efforts should direct traffic to your Ambassador Program marketing page like this one here.

Paying Ambassadors - 

There are three ways to commission sellers with TVPage:

  1. TVPage direct payout - TVPage will contract with each seller in your program, issue them a 1099, and provide direct payment. In this scenario, TVP will invoice you for the reimbursement of commissions paid.
  2. Your direct payout - TVPage will provide reporting and financial statements that are accessible in your account enabling you to pay sellers directly.
  3. Affiliate network payout - In this scenario, TVPage will integrate with your affiliate network of choice as described here so that all reporting and payout to sellers happens via the affiliate network.

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