Product Feed

Integrating with your affiliate network is easy. During the initial setup phase, we require a product data feed from the affiliate network that has encoded product links (by default this is what affiliate networks provide to all their affiliates). Using this product feed, TVPage will add an ambassador affiliate code within the URL, and cross-reference it with the affiliate publisher code so the the affiliate network seamlessly maintains all tracking and reporting.

The ambassador simply provides their affiliate code as part of their account configuration and our system will handle the rest. 

Example Affiliate Link:

TVPage will use this link pattern to generate unique links per affiliate ID{{AMBASSADOR_AFFILIATE_ID}}&offerid=575499.694396086948&type=15&murl=

Additionally, some affiliate networks support “sub-affiliate” tracking, which we can also work in a similar manner. TVPage would ingest a “TVPage Affiliate Feed” and replace/cross-reference the sub-affiliate ID appropriately. This makes the process simple and easy, regardless of how your affiliate network works.

Sales & Commission Reporting

All payment to ambassadors can be retained via your affiliate network, just like any affiliates are paid on your program. Ambassadors can simply reference the affiliate network for such payout information. The TVPage Platform provides a wealth of added insights that can be used for optimization and analysis of all content-powered ambassador sales. 

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