TVPage has recently upgraded our publishing system to make it smoother and easier than ever for clients to publish videos. The previous system required a manual refreshing and deploying of new data; Publishing 3.0 will now automatically push new content in real time. Upgrading to Publishing 3.0 will completely remove the need to use the Experience Manager to deploy content.

If you are a client who is still on the legacy publishing system, we would like to upgrade you to Publishing 3.0 - it’s easy to switch!

How do I know if I am using the legacy or new publishing system?

If you see the “Refresh Data” and “Deploy” buttons on your projects listed in the Experience Manager, you are on the legacy publishing system and should upgrade. 

What do I need to do?

If you aren’t using a hub or are using a hub via a subdomain (e.g., there is nothing needed on your end in order to switch. Note that your hub will need to be updated as well, something that we will schedule. We will coordinate all efforts with you so you are aware of the expected timeline and are fully trained on the new workflow.   

If you are hosting your hub on a subfolder using a reverse proxy (e.g., you may need to update it to start using Publisher 3.0. It will depend on your configuration. Either way it is a simple process. We will reach out to schedule a call to let you know what’s involved. 

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