When you create a TVPage account, it serves as a parent account. You can then add extra users. Since you have the parent account, sub-users can't add users themselves. Your sub-users will be able to access to all the features of the parent account and any changes in the TVPage application will affect all accounts. Each account maintains a unique ID, but sometimes the easiest way to distinguish an account among your colleagues is by simply uploading a unique profile image that is always visible in the TVPage application. The remainder of this article will show you how to add and manage users.

Access Users

1. Click the User Menu next to your account picture and click Account.

2. Click Users.

Adding Users

1. Click the ADD button.

2. Give the user a name, an email address, and a password. Click Save when finished.

Edit User

1. To edit or delete a user, click on the user from the Users table. You can edit all the aspects of the user except the email address.


Now that your finished with Edit Account, continue to Support.

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