Now that you know how to create Data Sources, you're ready to edit your Analytics options:

  • IP Filter - Block noise (irrelevant traffic) from your TVPage Hubs and Widgets to ensure accuracy
  • Matched Product - Enter the maximum number of characters for your product SKUs

Access your Analytics (Options)

1. Click the User Menu next to your account picture and click Account

2. Select Analytics

IP Filter

Sometimes coworkers or testers visit your TVPage Hub. Activity like this is not relevant to your analytics. If left unattended, this activity may skew your analytics and lead to undesired business decisions This is solved using the IP Filter.

Know your IP Address

1. You might also want to block your own activity. If you don't know your IP address, simply google What's my IP Address?

Filtering IP Addresses

  1. In the IP Filter section, enter the IP address you want to exclude and click Add.

2. To enter multiple IP addresses, separate them by the SPACE character and click Add.

3. The IP addresses are listed in a table. To remove an IP address, click the X button.

Matched Product

The Matched Product section allows you to specify the maximum character length of your product SKUs. Enter a number between 1 - 99 and hit Save.


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