If you read Profile, you will remember that creating a distinguishable account is one of the best ways to avoid confusion between existing accounts. This is equally important in your Account Settings because it contains personal information and preferences.

Access your Account Settings

1. Click the User Menu next to your account picture and click Account

2. Click on Account Settings

Edit your Account Settings

First and Last Name - Enter your first and last name. Give the appropriate name to co-workers if you're creating an extra user.

Email Address - Type your email address. All important notifications such as invites and video feed updates are sent to this email address.

Reset Password - Save your current password in a safe place as you will need it to reset your password.

1. Click the orange text that says Rest Password

2. Enter your current password. Enter a new password and enter it again to make sure it is correct. Click Reset

Username - To change your username, go to the Profile section in your account and edit the Profile URL. This is because the username is the same as the profile URL name.

Generate API Key - Click the blue button that says Generate to generate an API key.

Status - If you ever want to completely delete your account, the orange text that says Active will do it. Everything is deleted including your TVPage Hubs, Widgets, content, and your account.

Email Updates -  Check the appropriate checkbox to receive or forward update emails. Be sure to include the email address of any recipients. 


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