We recommend creating a detailed account profile to maintain clarity around each account, as it may be accessed and used throughout your organization. Go to Adding Users to learn more about extra users. 

Access your Profile

1. Click the User Menu next to your account picture and click Account 

2. Click Profile

Edit Profile

Profile Photo

1. Click the profile photo

2. Click Browse and choose an image such as a logo. Choose a different image for extra user accounts so they are distinguishable.

3. Resize, crop and, click Save.

Company - Enter the name of your organization.

Profile URL - Edit your TVPage profile URL name. This is also your username in Account Settings.

1. Click edit next to your profile URL.

2. Enter a custom URL. Custom URLs can be 5-50 characters in length and any combination of:

  • letters, upper and lowercase (a-z, A-Z)
  • numbers (0-9)
  • the following special characters (non-sequential): -_.

Click Save when finished.

3. Your new profile URL is changed. It also changes the username in Account Settings.

Website URL - Enter your organization's web address.

Description - Give a description of your organization.

Industries - Enter your business industry.


Next article in Edit Account: Account Settings - Personal information and preferences.

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