Sending invitations to contributors is easy. You don't have to spend time writing an email when all you need to do is provide the recipient's information and TVPage will send a special email invitation. 

In addition, if you received an invitation, we will show you how to create an account and share your feed.

Managing your Invitations

1. Click the User Menu next to your account picture and click Invitations

2. To send an invitation click ADD INVITATION.

3. Complete the recipient's information and send the invitation.

4. Current invitations are listed in a table. To cancel or resend an invitation, click the drop-down arrow and select Delete or Resend Invitation.

5. You are notified once creators share their feeds. You are also notified every time they upload new videos. The video feeds are listed in the FEEDS section.

(Contributor) Accepting Invitations

We’re excited to have you join the TVPage creator network! If you received an invite, these instructions will help you set up a video feed and allow TVPage subscribers to syndicate your video in their channels.

1. Follow the link inside the email invitation you received.

2. Create an account so you can configure your feed.

3. Click Add Feed.

4. Select your YouTube Channel. You can search by name or by URL.

5. Save your feed. No need to email the merchant; an automatic email lets them know you created a feed.

Add Subscribers

1. You need to grant permission to the merchant so they can use your video feed. To do this, add them as a Subscriber to your feed. In FEEDS section, click on the drop down arrow for the feed you wish to share and select Subscribers.


3. Search a desired subscriber and click the green [ + ] button to add them. Great! now your content is part of the video commerce experience. If you run into any trouble, please email

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