Every time a job is automated in your TVPage account, it will be recorded in the Job Manager. These jobs are usually updates to:

  • Video Feeds
  • Product Data 
  • TVPage Hubs and Widgets 

Access the Job Manager

1. Click the User Menu next to your account picture and click Job Manager.

The Job Manager contains your most recent jobs.

Using the Job Manager

Each job listed in the table is identified with a(n):

  • ID number - Unique identifier
  • Type - Feed, product, etc.
  • Start Time - Date started. This is also the only way to sort the table in ascending or descending order; just click on the column title Start time.
  • Status - Determines whether the job was complete or not. Some jobs may be processing.


1a. Go to FEEDS and refresh a video feed.

1b. A message indicates that a job has started

2. Go to the Job Manager. The video feed refresh job appears at the top and indicates it's complete. The most recent job appear at the top unless you sort the table in descending order by Start Time.


You can also:

  • Select the number of jobs displayed per page
  • Use page navigation buttons
  • Enter the page number


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