The Video Details Page of the Videos section offers many capabilities.

1. Moderate - Modify various video options according to the moderation rules of your Video Commerce Experience.

2. Merchandise- Assign products and create real-time product calls to action during the video.

3. Publish
- Select a channel to publish your video

To begin, click on a video from the VIDEOS section

The Video Details Page opens. The rest of the article explains each option according to its use (moderation, merchandising, and publication).


Moderation is the process of following the rules and guidelines of your VCE. For this reason, all factors in a VCE should be considered. For example, you can change simple video features like descriptions and transcripts to your advantage (SEO). Modifying certain video features, like the video title, may involve certain restrictions. For this reason, go to to learn about your moderation guidelines. Each option is explained below:


When you edit the title and other options, click the SAVE button on the top right corner to save your changes.

Link text is based on the title of the video. To change the link text, click the gray lock icon. When changing the link text, we suggest replacing spaces with a dash.


Edit the video description to meet your moderation guidelines.


TVPage provides a flexible tagging system tailored to your industry. Once you create these tags, add them to your videos so users can locate certain videos.


As mentioned on Videos - Overview, use the drop-down under State to classify videos according to their completion. Below are the video state meanings:

  • Pending - The video is awaiting moderation and is not ready for publication
  • Reviewed - The video is almost ready for publication but it may need to be merchandised or moderated
  • Approved - The video is ready for publication
  • Rejected: The video violates the moderation rules and cannot be used
  • Processing - Normally assigned automatically to videos that are uploading
  • Archived - The video has no use at this time but may be used at a later time
  • Error - There is a problem with the video


Use the drop-down under Status to edit the video's public status:

  • Visible - The video appears live on your Hub
  • Hidden - The video disappears from your Hub but it is not deleted



Add transcripts to your videos to improve SEO. Click Edit next to Transcript.

Upload the transcript file, paste it or type it the text box. Click Save once finished.

Closed Captions

You can add CC files (.vtt and .srt) to MP4 videos

Click Closed Captions under Accessibility

Select a language from the drop down

Drag or browse your file

Your CC file(s) appear in a table below. The first file upload  becomes the default

Press the drop down to set a different default language or delete the CC file. The default language can only be deleted if it is the last language in the the table.

You can press download button to save the file in your computer

Video Assets

Video Only - Downloads the video

Video + Captions - Downloads a Zipped Folder containing the video and closed captions file(s)

Video Thumbnail

You can change the video thumbnail by clicking on it

The Thumbnail Image window opens. Click Upload and select an image from your computer.

Resize and align to get the desired thumbnail. Click Save.



In the video details page, click PRODUCTS. This is where you assign products to a video.

You can perform the following actions:

Search & Filter -
Use the search bar to locate a product. You can also enter the product SKU(s). Click the downwards arrow next to Filters.  Click Hide to exclude videos that are out-of-stock

Assign Products - Check the checkboxes on the left of the product. Click the
drop-down on the top left corner and select Assign Products. To select all the products on the list, check the checkbox on the top left corner. Once the products are assigned, they will appear to the right under ASSIGNED PRODUCTS.

Assign Primary Products - Primary products are assigned to a specific video. This means that the video is a perfect match for the product and vice versa. These are the rules for primary products:

  • The video can only have one primary product
  • There cannot be two videos with the same primary product

This feature is really important in a Product Details Page (PDP) because it helps ensure that every product has a unique video (no duplicate videos).

Click the star on the right of the assigned product to mark it as primary.

Delete Associations -
In ASSIGNED PRODUCTS, check the product and use the drop down on the top left corner to select Delete Associations.

Recommended -
Quickly assign products from a recommended list of products

Navigate -
Use the arrows or number buttons to go to the next list of products

Add SKUs

There is a faster alternative to merchandise by adding product SKUs. If the SKU does not exist, then you can also add a new product without going to the PRODUCTS section. 

To begin, go to a video details page and click the orange link that says Add SKUs

The Add SKU window opens. Select the appropriate data source and then paste the SKUs divided by a comma or new line. You can enter these valid characters: a-z, A-Z, 0-9, -(dash), and .(period). Afterward, click Next.

If the SKU exists in your product feed, it appears under Found Products. Check the checkbox and hit Add

If the SKUs do not exist in your product feed, you have the option to add them. Check the checkboxes of the new SKUs, give them a name, and Click Add. You only create the product name and SKU. You need to go to the PRODUCTS section to finish adding price and other product information.

Once added, they will appear under Associated Products in the video details page.

In-Time Editor

Position. Position the product by a simple drag and drop process and locked into a designated X and Y axis.

  • Position - Position the CTA by a simple drag and drop process and locked into a designated X and Y axis.
  • Duration - Duration is determined by associating a specified length to each CTA.
  • Overlay - All CTAs appear as an overlay integrated into the player and can be fully customized with the HTML and CSS editor that is built into the Video Commerce Cloud.  

Access the In-Time Editor

1. In the video details page, click IN-TIME EDITOR.

2. Play the video and pause at the desired time. Click a product to add to it. The mouse turns into a cross cursor. Use the cursor to click a position in the video. Save changes when finished.

You may also want to edit these specific options:

  • Start Time: Start time of product appearance.
  • Duration: Product appearance duration.
  • Position: Default positions: Right Corner, Left Corner or Custom.
  • Horizontal (X): Enter a custom Horizontal position for the product CTA.
  • Vertical (Y): Enter a custom Vertical position for the product CTA.

3. Under Associated Products, each product will display the video start time to help you keep track of each product.

 5. Repeat the steps above to create another product CTA.

Previewing In-Time Placement

To preview the video, go to the WIDGETS tab to find the widget for the video. Click the drop down and click Preview. Keep in mind that there are widget templates that do not have the In-Time Editor function, so make sure that the widget template for the video has this feature.


Once you moderate and merchandise the video, it's ready for publication.

Associated Channels

In the video details page next to Associated Channels, click the orange link that says Add.

The Publish Videos window opens. Select and channel and click Publish.

The channels you add appear under Associated Channels.

Embed Code

When you create a Widget, you have the option to use it as a template for other videos. Use the drop-down under Embed Code to select the widget template.

You can also change the player size



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