Here are the items that you need to prepare before starting the ambassador recruiting process:

Sign up for iAmbassador
Invite ambassador candidates to apply for your program listed on the iAmbassador network.

Marketing Landing Page
Invite candidates to apply on this page, that lives on your site. You can work with TVPage Customer Success to customize the form fields.

Demo Gear Policy
It's important to decide how your influencers will get access to the products for their videos. We recommend either giving them the products for free, allowing them to purchase and return the products, or loaning them the products.

A Minimal Commission for Ambassadors
The minimum on iAmbassador is 5%. Commission rates range from 5-20%, varying by brand and industry. We recommend using a higher percent to attract talented influencers.

Ambassador Recruiting Guidelines
What are your guidelines for approval? Minimum followers, views, post frequency, location, networks? Our client success team will assist you in defining your needs.

Posting Policies
All ambassadors commit to following our Posting Policies.

Recruitment Checklist

  1. Recruitment email to customers to join the program
    Your customers are a goldmine when it comes to ambassador recruiting. They already love your product! Sending out a short recruitment email to your customer list is a great way to jump-start your ambassador program.
  2. Recruit employees (ie in-store sales associates) to join the program
    Your employees are also a great resource when it comes to building up your ambassadors. They already work for you, have direct access to your products, and know your products the best.  
  3. Social media posts to join the program
    Social media posts are a quick and easy way to both promote your influencer program and to drive traffic to your signup page.
  4. QR code linking to your signup page
    Another great way to convert customers into ambassadors is by including a QR code with any products you sell that links to your signup page. You can print it directly on the packaging, use a sticker, or include a flyer in your packaging.

Our client success team is always ready to assist in the recruiting process, positioning you for an active and successful program in a short amount of time.

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