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Analytics API Overview

The TVPage Video Commerce Cloud Analytics API suite covers all functions related to Analytics supported by the platform. This covers Engagement Tracking, Conversion Tracking, Event Attribution, Returns Processing, Performance Analytics, Catalog Analytics, Payout Analytics, IP Filtering, and Custom Dashboarding.

Additional API Documentation

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Analytics API Overview Literature

Video Coverage for Products · Analytics & Reporting · Commissioning & Settlement

Analytics API FAQ Categories

How does the TVPage Service interact with my online store? · Understanding Video Commerce · Understanding Video Commerce Experiences · Content Discovery, Sourcing & Coverage · Analytics & ROI from Video Commerce · Video Audiences · Influencer Video Marketing

Analytics API Supporting Articles

Video Commerce Cloud Data Workflow · Conversion Tracking Pixel · Analytics · IP Filtering · Reported Metrics · Reporting Structure - Channel · Reporting Structure - Widget · Reporting Structure - Video · Reporting Structure - Transaction · Third Party Integrations

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