The following article outlines strategies for utilizing video content as calls-to-action in Email to drive more user engagement and increase sales from Email Marketing activities. The article will cover best practices for including video as part of email communications, options for displaying video on landing pages and understanding how to measure the effectiveness video can have on a campaign.

Drive More Engagement from Emails

There are several ways you can use video calls-to-action to increase engagement from email marketing. A video play button is one of the most engaging calls-to-action you can include within an email. A standard best practice of doing this involves embedding a video thumbnail within the email body, that thumbnail should have a play button designed into it. This immediately communicates to the user that by clicking this, they will be able to watch a video immediately. As there is no way to embed full video files within an email itself that will work across all recipient devices and platforms, creating rich calls-to-action is the best way to utilize video to engage with your customers through email.

Along with the video play button, additional calls to action within the body copy or dedicated buttons to “Watch Video” are also highly effective.

Finally, you can leverage the subject line to drive more email opens. Here are a few examples:

  1. "Email Subject Line Text" - WATCH VIDEO
  2. [VIDEO] "Email Subject Line Text"
  3. Video: "Email Subject Line Text"
  4. Watch Video: "Email Subject Line Text"

You should, of course, customize the subject line to fit the topic of the email campaign, but this gives you a few ideas for including video within the subject matter of the email to increase the open rate. Additionally, some email service providers support using icons or emojis within the subject line. Please contact your ESP to find out if that capability exists within your system.

Sending Traffic to Shoppable Video Landing Pages

Once you have your email content strategy defined, you should consider the video customer experience on the landing page. TVPage offers 3 ways for users to experience video upon landing.

Option #1: Utilize evergreen TV Pages

A TV Page is a dedicated video playback page that forms part of your content hub. Using evergreen TV Pages for email campaigns makes sense provided you would want the content to maintain an evergreen state, and continue to become discoverable on and throughout your site (one of the major benefits of such pages is discoverability and Video SEO). These landing pages are ideal locations to land new traffic so your users can immediately engage with a shoppable content-rich experience.

The TVPage content publishing engine auto-generates such dedicated canonical landing pages for each piece of published content. 

Option #2: Customize the related content displayed on an evergreen TV Page

You can always configure any TV Page to display content related to matched product(s) and/or any product category or video field, and further optimize the order of such results by highest-converting or highest-engaging. Configuring the related content that appears on your dedicated video landing pages is a simple channel configuration. See Channels and Video Recommendations.

Many options are possible with the Video Commerce Cloud. This gives the optimal experience to users who land on the page from your email marketing campaigns. Contact your Client Success representative for help setting this up in your account.

Option #3: Embed a shoppable video widget into an existing campaign landing page

Finally, video widgets can be embedded into existing campaign landing pages to increase the page’s ability to convert the traffic to sales. Using any one of our existing templates, you can embed a simple single video player or you can embed more intricate carousels or inline video experiences. It is important to note that, if you are going to place a video experience on an existing landing page, you ensure the experience is seamless and matches the user’s expectations. When the user clicks a play button, they expect a video to play.

This can easily be achieved, by including the video widget “above the fold” where it is clearly visible to the user. If you are unable to do this, you can alternatively show the video experience in a lightbox that is only triggered when a specific URL variable is passed to the browser. This basically allows you to trigger the video widget using a specifically formed URL. Please contact your Client Success representative or email to learn more about custom url parameters.

Note that if the content is such that your organization will benefit from evergreen access to the video content, then we recommend either Option #1 or #2 above. 

Email Service Providers

TVPage works seamlessly with all email service providers, including Bronto, Responsys, Silverpop, Listrak, Mailchimp, Constant Contact, and others. There are no integrations to setup. Simply author your email content and send the click traffic back to your dedicated TV Page and/or campaign landing pages for the optimal experience.

Measuring Results & KPIs from Email Marketing

Generally, in measuring results from Email Marketing, you can use existing web analytics tools that measure campaign results by surfacing the entire customer journey from the click in the email all the way to purchase. We suggest that you use custom tracking variables for your campaigns to create additional data points on which you can then filter to better analyze the results.

The TVPage Analytics dashboard is an excellent way to understand video conversion rate, video engagement (primarily view-through rates), and how much revenue was generated from a particular video. You can use the TVPage Analytics dashboard to focus on specific video content and understand what the view-through rates are and how that piece of content has generated new revenue and ROI. If you are able to A/B test your email campaigns, this is the perfect way to understand the lift in sales from Video Email Marketing. Just split your campaign and segment the clicks with different campaign variables to easily see the metrics lift from the video engagement.

Please contact your Client Success representative or email to learn more about using TVPage Analytics and effectively measuring results from Video Email Marketing.

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