Launching a branded Ambassador Program is a two step process. The first step is setting up TV Pages that the ambassadors will use to drive traffic from social. The second step is about receiving applications, approving ambassadors and measuring performance.

Step 1: Setting up Ambassador TV Pages

Complete the TVPage On Site - Setup. If you have already completed this step, then you can continue to Step 2.

Step 2: Launching your Branded Ambassador Program

The following steps provide a simplified path to getting your ambassador program up and running.

  1. Create an initial list of ambassadors (employees, customers, fans and/or industry personalities) who are candidates to become your brand ambassadors. Consider tapping into the TVPage network to extend your pool of candidates.
  2. Launch Branded Application Page on your Site. This page, launched directly from the TVPage dashboard, will be used to gather information from pending ambassadors. You can invite anyone to apply directly on your site. 
  3. Approve Candidates. All applications place candidates in a "pending" state on your master account. Once approved on your master account, they can login and access their account and work within a mobile accessible dashboard that is white-labelled for your brand.
  4. Designate Commission Percentage. On your master account, you can set the commission percentage for each and every approved ambassador. 
  5. Launch Branded Ambassador Support Page on your Site. This page, launched directly from the TVPage dashboard, will be used to help ambassadors navigate the interfaces and understand the workflow. TVPage can also provide additional training, as needed.
  6. Ambassadors Start Selling. Ambassadors upload new content, provide titles and descriptions, match the appropriate products directly from your catalog, and share to social media, all on their account.
  7. Measure Performance. Follow the sales generated by each ambassador. Ambassadors can also see how much they sell, and the commission generated, on their individual accounts at all times.  
  8. Continue the cycle of inviting more ambassadors, generating new content and increasing sales from this new revenue channel.
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