The VCC fully supports the ingest of content from any source in any manner.

Brand Content: For multi-brand retailers, TVPage enables you to bring in content from your Brands in a number of different ways:

  • From the Web (such as Youtube, Vimeo, etc.)
  • Invite Brands to your Content Contributor Network where they can upload directly to you
  • Upload content directly that has been sent to you from Brands

Influencer Content: Through the VCC, you can also bring in content from Influencers.

Self-Produced Content: You can also bring in self-produced or agency-produced content.

  • Upload your content directly
  • Integration with your existing Digital Asset Manager

Existing Content Migration: When starting out with TVP, you are fully supported in migrating your existing content (Videos and/or Videos with Products) into the VCC.

  • Use TVPage's robust API to deliver content directly to the VCC
  • Upload files to FTP and provide a CSV with file attributes for automated ingestion

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