What is the benefit of running a Video Commerce Experience in-store?

With the VCC, you can easily provide your customers with the highest converting videos for specific products in each and every aisle within the store. By simply adding aisle/shelf location to the product feed you push to your VCC account, a dynamic channel can be easily configured to deliver the highest converting content for each and every top-selling product on a simple kiosk or iPad situated alongside every aisle. The benefit is tremendous, from extended engagement to in-store access to real answers and information on product that will fuel both sales personnel and customers with the answers they need to “seal the deal”.

How do Customers access the Videos In-Store?

The VCC is compatible with all digital signage systems that support web sources. All modern digital signage systems support web/html zones. You can simply embed any Video Commerce Widget into a web zone on your digital signage display.

In addition, most mobile phones natively support QR code scanning from the built-in camera.  On the VCC, you can pull in a canonical link to each and every TV Page for its matching product(s). This means that you can place a simple QR code on each and every product in store and enable customers to instantly pull up the corresponding video for such product right there on their phones! All they have to do is scan the QR code and the video pops up! Yup, it's that easy.

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