How can I integrate TVPage with my current email marketing efforts?

With a Video Commerce Hub, you are automatically generating a shoppable video landing page for each and every approved video. When you generate email newsletters, you can easily include the “video of the week” or a collection of videos that relate to the email newsletter topic. Each video is represented as a thumbnail that send you directly to an auto-playing landing page on your site that enables your customer to watch and buy directly form the experience.

This experience has been tested and proven by top brands and retailers to be the optimal solution for video email marketing. Attempting to play the video within the email itself is not desirable as many email software clients do not support this and it is therefore impossible to guarantee a consistent, positive entry into the purchase funnel without a dedicated shoppable video landing page. As noted above, each and every link back to your video commerce landing pages adds more SEO value to such pages. 

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