Does the VCC support social syndication of shoppable video content?

Absolutely. The VCC supports posting video (along with product links) directly to all major social media platforms. The VCC supports both Social Link Sharing as well as Native Social Posting (where permitted by the social platforms). We will discuss each below.  

Social Link Sharing

Provided you have deployed a Video Commerce Hub, you can easily share each video on social by sending your audience to the canonical landing page by posting directly from the VCC to social platforms. You social followers click on the thumbnail on the social platform that directs traffic to watch the video on the canonical video landing page. Each and every link back to your video commerce landing pages adds more SEO value to such pages.

Native Social Posting

Where permitted by the social platform, you can easily post a video from the VCC to be played within the social platform. The post will automatically contain links to the product detail pages that are matched to the video on the VCC.

Influencer Social Posting

Within the Influencer Dashboard, influencers are able to share their published TV Pages with their social audiences by link sharing directly from the application. Where supported, native integrations allow for upload/import of the native assets to be played within the social experience.

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