What is a Video Commerce Experience?  

A Video Commerce Experience will manifest itself in the form of one or more widgets or pages on your site, and incorporates at least two of the following three components:  (1) Video Playback that drives one or more Product/Promotional Calls-to-Actions;  (2) Product/Promotional Actions that relate to the Video being watched;  (3) A selection of videos to watch, all of which generate the interactive commerce engagement referenced above.  Video selections can be generated dynamically by the Video Recommendation engine, and Product/Promotional offers can be generated dynamically by the Video-to-Product Matching Engine.  Video Commerce Experiences include Homepage, Category Page and Product Page embeddable widgets, as well as Video Commerce Hub experiences.

How do I customize a Video Commerce Widget?

Video Commerce Widgets are designed to be customizable by marketers without the need to write one line of code. You can simply create a widget on the VCC and there are over 50 settings to choose from such as border outline weight, arrow colors, header font type and size, etc. It takes minutes to generate a customizable experience directly on the VCC dashboard.

How do I add a Video Commerce Widget to a page?

Simply copy the embed code directly from the VCC dashboard and paste into any HTML page. With the ability to configure variable inputs in real time, all widgets are able to display content dynamically based on page context, audience and performance (eg. the highest-converting videos for any category or product, ordered by the most relevant to each visitor). This means that you only need to embed the code once into your category page and product page templates. From the moment a widget is embedded, the experience becomes entirely automated and “hands-off”. 

Will a Video Commerce Widget affect my page load time?  

Video Commerce Widgets are optimized for minimal impact on page load. They are loaded intelligently, calling only for minimal assets required per request, enabling lightweight smart loading in each instance.   TVP regularly tests for page load impact and is consistently under a delta of 100ms (where widgets are embedded with best practices). TVP would be happy to provide further information (and share actual test data) upon request.

What is a Video Commerce Hub?

A Video Commerce Hub is a video section or destination on your domain (implemented as a sub-domain or sub-folder) that generally includes a “video-centric” homepage, channel page, and canonical video playback pages. A playback page is published for each and every approved video asset on the platform, creating excellent landing pages for email marketing campaigns, media campaigns, and social influencer marketing programs (see Influencer Video Affiliate Marketing below for more information). Video playback pages also address SEO requirements for video, see below. 

Can I leverage Video Commerce Experiences for Video SEO gain? How is this achieved?  

Absolutely. The VCC offers the most comprehensive end-to-end solution for Video SEO. With approximately 25% of search results on Google presented in video form, the opportunity is grand, and the opportunity cost for not having a Video SEO program is equally immense.   The optimal way to launch and grow a Video SEO program is to enable a Video Commerce Hub on your domain. By creating a workflow that auto-publishes a unique canonical video page for every approved video, you ensure that Google is able to index each video with a corresponding page that becomes the destination for each and every video search result. Google seeks to ensure that they send someone who clicked on a video thumbnail search result directly to a page that offers that video in an upfront and centered location. If a video is available on a product page, for example, as one element within the page, it is unlikely to come up as a video search result.   With the VCC, not only are you gaining a canonical video page for each and every video,all videos are shoppable and contain all related product metadata. This means that when consumers are searching for videos by entering keywords related to your products, you will have a strong chance to appear in such video search results. Since organic traffic is likely a significant source of your visits, and ~25% of Google results are video (and growing), incorporating canonical video playback pages on your domain  (with ample coverage across your catalog) has never been more important to your business. 

Does the platform support me adding videos on multiple domains?

Absolutely. In fact, you are able to syndicate content and data from one master account to any number of child accounts, supporting multiple domain applications, cross-global domain scenarios, different business divisions, and other similar applications. Each child account generates division and/or domain specific analytics and can be accessible by entirely different teams. 

Will Video Commerce Experiences work with my Commerce Platform/CMS?

 Absolutely. TVP is agnostic to the platform on which you are running your website. Widgets are embeddable on any HTML page and Video Commerce Hubs can be served on any subfolder or subdomain through a simple DNS configuration.  Are Video Commerce Experience mobile responsive.Absolutely. Every Video Commerce Widget and Hub is designed with a mobile-first mindset and entirely responsive to all mobile devices.  

Can I run Video Commerce Experiences on my mobile app?

Absolutely. TVP offers an SDK for both iOS and Android.

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