What makes the TVP player different from other online video players?

The TVP online video player is one of the lightest, most versatile players in the industry. It will play video content that is hosted and delivered by TVP as well as content that is hosted on Youtube, Vimeo and other sources. All content uploaded to TVP is transcoded into multiple formats to support adaptive streaming (HLS and DASH), minimizing any chance of buffering by serving the optimal resolution for the available bandwidth at all times. In addition, our player is natively and seamlessly built in to all experiences (Video Commerce Widgets and Hubs).

Can I customize the player controls?

Absolutely. All controls are customizable, as are all components within any embeddable Video Commerce Widget that contains the TVP player.

Is the Video Player ADA compliant?

Absolutely. The TVP Player incorporates keyboard control well as support for closed captions and transcripts.  

Does the Video Player support Live Streaming?

Absolutely. You can easily generate a live stream directly on the VCC. Each live stream can be merchandised with products and made shoppable as part of any Video Commerce Experience (just like an on-demand video asset).

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