What is a Video Audience? How does it benefit me?

A Video Audience is a grouping of Video Visitors (visitors who watch video), categorized by their watching habits and preferences - what “they like to watch”. Use the VCC to enable on-site personalization campaigns (and media remarketing campaigns) that leverage video audiences or combine video audiences with other/existing audiences that you might be generating on any personalization service. Most personalization services are configured to group visitors by pages visited, not video views. With dynamically optimized TVP Video Experiences, consumers regularly watch multiple videos on single pages. Following video views therefore enables higher-precision targeting by leveraging deeper insights around shopper interests and preferences.

What is Video Personalization?

Video personalization is the act of presenting a known user with video content that has been curated for such known user based upon prior viewer browsing behavioral data.

Can I run a Video Remarketing Campaign on Facebook?

Absolutely. The VCC is integrated with Facebook audiences, and instantly builds a mirror audience on Facebook driven by every view on on your site. Just enter a retag code from your Facebook account into the Video Audience Manager on the VCC and watch your video audience grow on both VCC and Facebook, in-tandem.   Run remarketing campaigns that target designated audiences with shoppable video ads, using creative assets that auto-rank the highest for conversion performance on your dot com, automatically serving the highest-converting shoppable video ads at all times. 

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