Why do I want to match products with videos? Why is it so important?

When you are able to maintain and structure metadata in a way that gives you knowledge of all products related to a given video asset, and all videos assets related to a given product, many applications are possible. First of all, you are able to leverage the VCC dynamic capabilities to automatically publish the matching video on any product page (the engine will even pick the highest converting matching video, if desired). Secondarily, when a consumer is visiting a category page, you can serve the highest converting videos for that specific product category, sub-category or related keyword(s).

In addition, when playing any video anywhere on your site (or any site for that matter), you can automatically call for matching products to be presented during playback, offering the consumer the ability to click to buy directly from the video. Now bear in mind that you can trigger these offers at any time during the video and completely control the user experience. You have just enabled video shopping by maintaining, growing and automating the product-to-video relationship. It’s that simple.  Note that this metadata then travels throughout your e-commerce and marketing channels. For example, now that you have products for every video, you can publish shoppable video to social channels, and even empower influencers to do the same - at scale.

How does the VCC help me manage my Video Commerce metadata? 

The VCC is your dashboard and asset management system to manage and grow this Video Commerce metadata. You can import such video to product relationships into the system in seconds, create such relationships within the system, and leverage AI-assisted recommendations to make this process highly efficient. 

Since the VCC also fuels your customer experiences with a smart recommendation engine and other essential tools, you can easily connect all of the dots on a single, easy-to-use dashboard.   The VCC contains a full visual of your product catalog and taxonomy. You can therefore easily navigate your products and “dress up” any video with its related products. You can also auto-import such associations with our on-platform data import tools. Lastly, you can leverage (and even go completely auto) with the TVP Matching Engine. This in turn fuels high-converting and high-engaging customer experiences. Whether or not you are using the VCC or other experience management systems to customize your website, you are always able to call “all products” for any video, and “all videos” for any product, directly from the VCC. As the system learns from the data, and your use of the system grows, the platform becomes increasingly fine-tuned and valuable for your business.

Can the Video-to-Product Matching (VPM) Engine suggest product matches for me? How does it work?

Absolutely. The patented VPM technology auto-profiles video assets with related commerce keywords and product categories by deploying machine learning algorithms combined with an abundance of universal training data collected over the years. This process enables TVP to programmatically find and match videos to very specific products, product categories, and any number of niche sub-categories. The VPM process recommends products to videos and videos to products directly on the VCC dashboard.

Can I pull in the automated recommendations into my experience so that I don’t have to review or confirm anything? How accurate are the recommendations?

Absolutely. You can configure any experience to pull in recommendations automatically for any and all videos on your site. Many of our customers have set the system to 100% auto, especially for top and mid funnel experiences. While the engine is highly accurate (feedback from our customers is that the engine is over 80% accurate for exact matching), we do recommend some level of moderation for exact match lower funnel applications (ie. product page video experiences).  

Can I add upsell or cross-sell products to my videos?

Absolutely. You can associate as many products as you’d like to any video and create levels of classification to meet your consumer engagement and conversion strategies. You can even create product calls-to-action when another products are mentioned in your video, for example.

My products change every day, sometimes within hours. Can the VCC support this?

Absolutely. The VCC will receive product updates on a regular basis (can be set to hourly, daily or any other frequency). You can then configure any Video Commerce Experience to hide or show products that are out of stock or no longer available.

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