Does the VCC provide features that enable smart video search and navigation throughout our site?  

Absolutely. Our video search engine is a core part of our platform. You can search and navigate into videos by video metadata (which includes custom tags and fields, see below), matched product metadata, recommended product metadata, and other parameters. This capability is made possible by the proprietary patented technology that fuels our search engine, matching engine and video recommendation engine.   With the VCC, you can truly create cross-catalog pervasive access to moderated shoppable video experiences, ensuring optimal results for every search term. TVP can also integrate with any industry recognized search engine you may already be using.

Do you have the ability to add custom video “tags” or “fields” within your system?

Absolutely. This capability natively fuels every Video Commerce Experience. You can create any number of custom tags or fields that serve different purposes. Your custom video taxonomy then drives context-specific outputs, facilitates the creation of desired video audiences, and generates great filters to aid in navigation and discovery on your website. One great example of the benefit of custom tagging is classifying videos by type & source, eg. “Overview”, “How-To”, “Review”. Classification is key to fueling & optimizing the scalable frontend Video Commerce Experiences.

Also, the product to video matching engine automatically indexes your product catalog and auto-generates new video fields for every single product category and sub-category that your catalog supports. This enables your customers to search and navigate videos on your site by product category and sub-category, an extremely powerful feature.

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