The Video Commerce Cloud allows you to easily synchronize your product catalog, ensuring that all products are up to date and current, creating the best customer experience for your visitors. The catalog import process can be summarized in 3 distinct components.

  1. Automated Product Indexing. This utility is used to initially ingest the entire online catalog.
  2. Engagement Pixel. The engagement pixel is used to receive incremental updates in near realtime. It also gathers interaction data for utilization with TVPage Matching Engine and Video Recommendation Engines.
  3. Automated File-based Updates. We also accept file-based product and video data updates that can be automatically processed on a schedule.

Automated Product Indexing

Our product indexing system generates an initial index of product data from your entire website. This process indexes necessary product metadata including title, description, product image, price & availability. This data is then processed by the VCC and stored for use within the dashboard. We use an intelligent data gathering algorithm to efficiently map your product categories and product pages for enhanced reporting and navigation.

The product indexing system is configured and runs as part of your TVPage account setup.

Engagement Pixel

The TVPage engagement pixel provides product information updates and engagement metrics that are used by our patented VPM (Video-to-Product Matching Engine) to optimize your Video Commerce Experiences. As product pages are viewed by users, product information is asynchronously sent back to the VCC so that our system can update changing product metadata in near-realtime. 

The engagement pixel tag (Javascript code) is delivered to you as part of your TVPage account setup. The tag can easily be deployed through a 3rd party tag manager (Tealium, Google Tag Manager, Ensighten, etc…), by your agency or by your in-house developers.

Automated File-based Updates

The VCC also supports a complete workflow for automated file-based data updates. In addition to receiving scheduled product catalog data, we also support the ingest of product-to-video matches from an external source.

TVPage accepts the following files:

  • Google Shopping XML or CSV 
  • Custom CSV, TSV or Pipe-delimited
  • Commerce Platform generated files (eg. Oracle, Demandware, IBM, Magento, Shopify, Hybris, etc.)

Files can be transferred via:

  • FTP (TVPage provides credentials)
  • SFTP (TVPage provides credentials)
  • HTTP (URL required)
  • HTTPS (URL required)

Each separate file-based operation can occur on a predetermined frequency, allowing for scheduled updates as often as needed. More information on this process can be found here.

To setup and configure an automated file-based data transfer, please contact

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