Once you have the Video Feeds you need, you can use the options from the VIDEOS section of the TVPage application to help you manage your videos according to your workflow or strategies:

Overhead Controls:

  • Feed and Channel Filter
  • Video State Filter
  • Additional Filters
  • Search Bar
  • Add Video
  • Navigation

Video Options:

  • Checkbox Options
  • Merchandise*
  • Publish
  • Additional Video Options

*TVPage created a new way to merchandise in the product page using the Video Recommendation Engine.

Overhead controls

Managing hundreds or thousands of videos is simplified using the controls at the top of the VIDEOS section. 

The videos appear in a table according to your specifications. You can sort the videos by title and/ or modification date in ascending or descending order by clicking the column titles: Video Title and Modified

Feed and Channel Filter

First, use the drop-downs to select which feed or channel you wish to see. To view your entire library, choose Select Feed and Select Channel. This stage is important because all other specifications will apply according to the feed or channel you selected.

Video State Filter

You can organize videos by classifying them according to their workflow state. As seen below, there is a color indicating the video's state. 

These are the usual video state definitions (depends on workflow and moderation guidelines):

  • Pending - The video is awaiting moderation and is not ready for publication
  • Reviewed - The video is almost ready for publication but it may need to be merchandised or moderated
  • Approved - The video is ready for publication
  • Rejected: The video violates the moderation rules and cannot be used
  • Processing - Normally assigned automatically to videos that are uploading
  • Archived - The video has no use at this time but may be used at a later time
  • Error - There is a problem with the video

In addition, you can filter the video table to view certain video states. Just click on the desired state to turn the filter on or off. If you want to view one state without having to click off the other ones, just hold SHIFT and click on it. (Rejected videos cannot be filtered)

To edit a video's state, click on a video from the table. There are many additional video options, just focus on the State drop-down located at the bottom left corner. Select a state and click SAVE. (Go to Video Details to learn more about the other video options).

Additional Filters

To view the additional filters, click Filters. If you want to clear all current filters, click Clear.

The following filters appear:

  • Date Created - Retrieve videos based on their creation date* using a time range calendar
  • Date Modified - Find videos based on their modification date using a time range calendar
  • Length - View videos less than four (4) minutes or greater than or equal to four (4) minutes
  • Published - View videos based on publication status; Yes, No or All
  • Merchandised - View videos based on whether they have a product or not

*The date they were uploaded to TVPage; not the date they were actually created.

Search Bar 

Find a video by searching its title

Add Video

There are times when you want to add a single video without having to upload a feed. This is achieved by clicking the ADD VIDEO drop-down. Got to Add Single Videos to learn more.


To navigate easily through large quantities of videos:

  • Select the number of videos displayed per page
  • Use page navigation buttons
  • Enter the page number

Video Options

Checkbox Options

Quickly edit multiple videos using the checkboxes to the left of the videos.

Also, use the checkbox at the top left corner to select all the videos on the page. The checkbox also has a drop-down that lets you filter the videos according to video state.

As you check each video, you will notice that there are five (5) options that perform the following:

  • Delete - Deletes the video(s) permanently; you receive an are you sure? warning
  • Archive - Classifies the video(s) with the Archived state
  • Approve - Classifies the video(s) with the Approved state
  • Publish - Publish the video(s) to a channel 
  • Status - Hide or show the video in your TVPage Hub


Assign products to a video without having to open the video details page. Just click on the orange link that says Merchandise.

You are directed to the PRODUCTS section of the Video Details Page. Search for the product you want to add or enter the product SKU. Click the orange drop-down box and click Assign Products. To learn more about the Products section, go to Video Details.


Quickly publish a video to a channel by clicking the orange link that says Publish

The Publish Videos window opens. Scroll and select a channel and click Publish

Single Video Options

  • In-Time Editor - Takes you to the In-Time Editor section of the Video Details Page. This feature allows you to create product calls to action at a certain time and duration during the video.
  • Video Details - Opens the Video Details Page which has access to all of the videos options
  • Product Association - Takes you to the Products section of the Video Details Page where you can add products to the video
  • In-Time Editor - Takes you to the In-Time Editor section of the Video Details Page. This feature allows you to create product calls to action at a certain time and duration during the video.

(These features are all available in the Video Details.)


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