You don't have to upload an entire Feed to add a single video. The ADD VIDEO drop down in the VIDEOS section allows your to add a single video from YouTube or upload from your computer:

Before you start, note the following differences:


  • Uses a YouTube title or URL
  • Single videos from YouTube are not assigned to a feed. This means they only exist in your general TVPage library.
  • When you add a video from YouTube, it is approved automatically.

Computer Upload

  • Unlike single YouTube videos, single Upload videos require an Upload feed to exist.
  • When you upload a video from your computer, it is not approved automatically.


1. Go to CONTENT > VIDEOS > ADD VIDEO and select Add YouTube Video or Search YouTube.

2a. Add YouTube Video adds videos by URL. Enter a URL and click Save

2b. Search YouTube adds videos by title. Enter a title and click the green [ + ] button.

Computer Upload 

1. Go to CONTENT > VIDEOS > ADD VIDEO and select Upload Video.

2. Select an existing Upload feed from the drop-down. Browse your computer and select a video file. The video will exist in the feed you selected until you publish it to a Channel


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