Filtering your IP Address improves data accuracy by preventing internal activity from being tracked (ie. activity from your employee base). Below is a summary of the steps:

1. Know your IP Address - Using a Google search

2. Access the IP Filter - Located in account options

3. Filtering IP Addresses - Enter a single IP address or a range

Know your IP Address

1. If you don't know your IP address, simply google What's my IP Address?. The results show your IP address at the top of the page.

Access the IP Filter

1. Click on the user menu drop down and click on Account.


2. Choose Analytics from the left pane.


Filtering IP Addresses

1. Enter the IP address you want to exclude and click Add.


2. To enter multiple IP addresses, simply type the addresses separated by the SPACE character. Finally, click Add.



3. The filtered IP addresses will be listed. If you wish to unfilter an IP address, click the X button.


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